Black Onyx stones with diamonique ring in sterling silver

Black Onyx ring in sterling silver

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Black Onyx is full of great grounding energy that helps you to feel stable in this world. Along with getting your nervous system in check, this deep dark gem also brings a boost to the immune system, raising your stamina and helping you to get back on your feet particularly after long periods of illness or fatigue.

Onyx can be a great gem for recovery as it helps you to swerve any shade of relapse and instead encourages your body to physically focus on healing. Onyx can also lend support to the bone marrow and tissue structures in the body, along with helping to strengthen teeth and bones too.

It can be particularly useful for those moving through the patterns of grief as it assists in helping you mourn, grieve, accept, and release without losing yourself in the process.

Ring size - 8.5

DM us if you want to change the ring size.

Note: Possibility of size changes may depend on the setting design.