A bunch of Aura coated Amethyst tumbled stones

Aura Amethyst Tumbled Stone

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Aura Amethyst Tumbled Stone - is a combination of the peaceful energy of Amethyst with the uplifting rainbow shimmer of Aura. Connect with your Amethyst Aura to escape from your worries and bask in a state of blissful relaxation.

Amethyst relieves depression, promotes calm, serenity and spirituality and increases vivid dreams. Helps with addiction and stress.

Helps to calm fears and reduce stress. Well known to absorb and dissolve negativity which helps against stress and nightmares.

Works at all levels, mind, body and spirits. Said to be good for head, headaches, eyes, scalp and hair by purification and renewal.

Thought to increase spiritual awareness, meditation and concentration by raising energy levels.

Note: Each piece is one-of-kind. Product received is likely to have variations in size, shape and weight from the ones presented in listing images.

Net Weight (Approximately):

14.5g / each

Dimension  L : W : H  (Approximately):
0.8  : 0.5 : 0.3 ( Inches) / each