Antique Jade Incense Burner with carvings
Left down side view of Jade Incense burner
Right side closer view of Jade incense burner with carving
Antique Jade incense burner in a separate style with its cover

A Majestic Jade Urn with Mythical Symbols

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Museum Collection - Not for Sale

This exquisite urn is carved with two fierce dragons coiling around its body. The lid of the urn is adorned with two more dragons, seemingly ready to take flight and soar towards the heavens.And yet, amidst the dragons' ferocity, there is also a sense of balance and harmony. The urn is graced with two delicate foo dogs handles, a symbol of protection and good fortune. With their gentle yet powerful presence, they seem to watch over the urn and all who come near it. This magnificent piece of Jade urn seems like it holds some ancient secret, some wisdom that has been passed down through the ages.

This urn is a true testament to the ancient Chinese art of jade carving, and its symbolism and meaning run deep in Chinese culture. Dragons represent power and strength, while the foo dogs are known for their protective qualities. Together, they create a potent symbol of good fortune and protection.

The jade material itself is highly prized for its metaphysical properties, and has long been associated with good luck, prosperity, and harmony. As a symbol of purity and serenity, jade has been used in spiritual practices for centuries, believed to enhance inner peace and wisdom, while also promoting physical healing and emotional balance.

Origin - Unknown

Measurement - height 8" x width 4"

Material - Spinach Jade