Large Agate Geode with Amethyst Center in Wood Base

Amethyst Geode in Wood Base

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Discover the seamless blend of nature's splendors with our Amethyst Geode presented on a meticulously crafted wooden base. The geode, with its mesmerizing labyrinth of purple hues and crystalline brilliance, finds a grounding partner in the rustic elegance of wood. This pairing not only enhances the geode's visual appeal but also transforms it into a stand-alone centerpiece, resonating with both the energies of the Earth and the forest.

Key Features:

  • Sparkling Geode Interior: Delve into the entrancing world of amethyst, with its crystalline structures radiating varying shades of purples and lilacs.

  • Handcrafted Wooden Base: The wooden platform, tailored to perfectly cradle the geode, adds an organic and refined touch, enhancing its stability and display aesthetics.

  • Harmonious Blend: The juxtaposition of raw amethyst beauty and polished wood creates a balanced and captivating visual appeal.

  • Spiritual Anchor: Amethyst's calming properties, paired with the grounding energy of wood, makes this piece a potent focal point for meditation and relaxation.

  • Unique Decor Piece: A statement addition to any space, combining nature's art with human craftsmanship.

  • Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst 

    • Tranquility: Promotes peace and dispels negative emotions.
    • Intuition: Enhances spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.
    • Protection: Acts as a protective shield against negativity and psychic attacks.
    • Sobriety: Historically used to combat addictions and harmful behaviors.
    • Insomnia Relief: Assists in providing restful sleep and preventing nightmares.
    • Emotional Balance: Stabilizes emotions and helps in understanding deeper feelings
Note: Each piece is one-of-kind. Product received is likely to have variations in size, shape and weight from the ones presented in listing images.