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Russian Amazonite Tumbled

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Dive into the mesmerizing depths of our Russian Amazonite Tumbled Gemstone, a tangible echo of the vast Siberian landscapes, resonating with purity, power, and age-old mysteries.

Key Features:

  • Siberian Splendor: Sourced directly from Russia’s untouched terrains, this gemstone embodies the raw beauty of its origins.

  • Harmonious Hues: Revel in the captivating blue-green shades, often streaked with white, reminiscent of pristine Arctic waters.

  • Smooth to Touch: Skillfully tumbled to perfection, its polished surface is a pleasure to hold, making it ideal for both display and therapeutic uses.

  • Metaphysical Magnet: Russian Amazonite is believed to be a stone of harmony, balancing both the mind and spirit, while dispelling negative energy.

  • Gift of Gaia: Present it as a token of tranquility and beauty to a loved one or keep it close as your personal talisman.

Product Description:

Crafted by the Earth and refined by artisans, our Russian Amazonite Tumbled Gemstone is a piece of the vast Siberian wilderness that you can hold in your hand. Its soothing blue-green tones, interlaced with characteristic white patterns, create a calming visual symphony. But beyond its physical allure, Russian Amazonite is deeply rooted in metaphysical traditions—its energies are said to inspire truth, clarity, and harmony. Whether you're seeking a piece for meditation, a decorative element, or a heartfelt gift, this gemstone answers the call.

Note :

Net Weight (Approximately):

14.4g / each

Dimension  L : W : H  (Approximately):
1  : 0.5 : 0.5 ( Inches) / each